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Yogi Art Center Values

Head, Heart, Hands - We believe in engaging students through an effective teaching of the
“head, heart, hands” approach. This approach nurtures all types of learning styles by enabling
practical, creative and intellectual aspects to each lesson. This approach understands that for
children to fully make sense of a new idea; not only do they need the knowledge; they need to
practically experience it and feel a connection to it.

Creativity - At the Yogi Art Center we celebrate children's creativeness; each day we aim to
provide opportunities for creative thinking, expression and imagination. We acknowledge the
essential balance between creativity and academics in a child's education and aim to teach most
of the lessons in a creative manor. In order to enhance children’s creativity we provide a range
of artistic skills such as music, performance, arts, crafts, design, building and pottery.

Earth Based Learning - and caring for the environment are key aspects of teaching and learning
at the Yogi Art Center. We ensure gardening and permaculture lessons are taught weekly to
every child. This entails developing children's knowledge of growing and harvesting their own
class garden, making connections to nature within the curriculum wherever possible, caring for
their environment and developing skills in sustainability.

Freedom – (Choice Learning) – We believe strongly in allowing children to manipulate their own
learning and guide us as teachers with their individual interests. We therefore make lots of
learning opportunities throughout the school week for this to happen. In the younger school this
is done through carousel teaching methodology, and in the upper school this is done through
individual learning projects and choice learning activities during the afternoons.

Responsibility - is integral to our evolution as a community and to all human beings living in
harmony with each other. Our children will engage in weekly tasks and projects that they need
to complete to take care of the school, each other and the environment. This gives them a sense
of independence and connects them to the wider world around them.

Yoga - is part of our everyday routine as we celebrate union of our spiritual, mental and physical
self. We use Asanas, Meditation and Breathing daily, to enhance children's connection with
themselves and others. We follow Yogi Philosophy (Yamas and Niyamas) for our Behavioral values
and it’s emphasis on compassion, collaboration and community. Every day children will participate
in some form of meditational practice.


 Where are the wild ones?


They caught all the wild children and put them in zoos, 

They made them do sums and wear fancy shoes.

They put them to bed at the wrong time of day, 

and made them still when they wanted to play.

They scrubbed them with soap and made them eat peas,

They made them sit still and say parden and please,

They took all their wisdom and wildness away, 

That is why there are hardly any children in the forest today. 

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