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Dragon Class 
Dragons class are the oldest children at the Yogi art centre. In this class our children start taking on larger responsibilities for the school, their learning and creativity. Naturally the children in this class are moving towards more work book lessons. They are taught core subjects daily- english maths and reading, but afternoons are spent on creative projects, where they engage in design technology, wood work and environmental projects.  The afternoon are mainly by focused on their project book learning. This is where they can use the theme to develop and study a topic which is of interest to them personally. They have the opportunity to do this individually, with a pair or in a group.

Upper School Themes 

Early Birds – Journeys (2 weeks) 

Upper School – What’s your story? 

Term 1 – Our Planet (3 Weeks) 

Upper School– Environments, Climate Change, How can we be more sustainable? 

Term 1– Where the wild things are. (3 weeks) 

Upper School - Different species, Evolution, What’s the difference? 


Term 2 – Space (3 Weeks) 

Upper School – Forces, Galaxies, Is the world flat? 

Term 2 – Once upon a time (3 Weeks) 

Upper school– Influential Literature –Inspiring Poetry – What do they mean? 

Term 3 – Humanity & Community (3 Weeks) 

Upper School – Reproduction – Organ Functions – How are we different? 

Term 3 – Ancient Worlds (3 Weeks) 

Upper School – Ancient Europe, Native America, Continental Disputes

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