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Sparrows Class
In this class they are now starting to explore with greater curiosity and transitioning slowly to having a balance of free play to have some small focus adult led sessions weekly. It is still all about learning from the child and responding to their daily interest but the teacher is there to support and extend where possible for those children who want or need it. Introduction to letters and numbers is becoming more apparent in our environment and as the language of the class starts to develop we start to question EVERYTHING!

Class Themes Early Years 

Early Birds Term – Journeys (2 weeks) 


Term 1 – Our Planet (3 Weeks) 

Early Years - Trees – Under the sea – Weather

Term 1– Where the wild things are. (3 weeks) 

Early Years – Mini-Beasts – Living Things – Animal Features


Term 2 – Space (3 Weeks) 

Early Years – Rockets, Moon, Sun 

Term 2 – Once upon a time (3 Weeks) 

Early Years – Fairy Tales 


Term 3 – Being Alive (3 Weeks) 

Early Years – Our body – Our Senses - People who help us. 

Term 3 – Ancient Worlds (3 Weeks) 

Early Years – Ancient India, Elephants, Symbols

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