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Eagles Class
In this class children experience an introduction to focus lessons but with lots of practical games and artistic elements. They begin to explore letters and sounds, adding and subtracting numbers and the fundamental skills for reading and writing.


Lower School Themes 


Early Birds Term - Journeys 

Lower School – Where have you come from? 

Term 1 – Our Planet (3 Weeks) 

Lower School – Water cycle, Patterns in Nature, Recycling 

Term 1– Where the wild things are. (3 weeks) 

Lower School - Life cycles - Animal Classification - Habitats 


Term 2 – Space (3 Weeks) 

Lower School – Planets, Space ships, Gravity. 

Term 2 – Once upon a time (3 Weeks) 

Lower School – Myths and Legends - Magic Powers - Stories of Heroes 


Term 3 – Being Alive (3 Weeks) 

Lower School – Emotions – Organs – Family 

Term 3 – Ancient Worlds (3 Weeks) 

Lower School – Ancient Africa, Egyptians, Tribes 


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