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Hummingbird Class 

Hummingbirds Class Objectives This is often most children’s first experience of a school environment and we aim to make this transition as harmonious as possible. This class is all about learning through play and experience, getting messy and exploring senses. It is beautiful to be able to nurture children in this type of schooling at a very young age and therefore there is much emphasis on the schools values and yogic behaviour values. Teaching children from a very young age how to take care of themselves and others while having lots of opportunities to express, feel, laugh and play.


Class Themes Early Years 

Early Birds Term – Journeys (2 weeks) 


Term 1 – Our Planet (3 Weeks) 

Early Years - Trees – Under the sea – Weather

Term 1– Where the wild things are. (3 weeks) 

Early Years – Mini-Beasts – Living Things – Animal Features


Term 2 – Space (3 Weeks) 

Early Years – Rockets, Moon, Sun 

Term 2 – Once upon a time (3 Weeks) 

Early Years – Fairy Tales 


Term 3 – Being Alive (3 Weeks) 

Early Years – Our body – Our Senses - People who help us. 

Term 3 – Ancient Worlds (3 Weeks) 

Early Years – Ancient India, Elephants, Symbols


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