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The Peacocks class the children are beginning to get a real sense of independence, freedom and building strong friendships with peers. Children have usually worked out some of their key strengths and like to express these daily.During the time ins Peacocks class children usually develop the skills to read and write, story telling and drama.  While afternoons are spent getting messy, exploring local environment on nature walks and developing our monthly themes through different subjects. At this stage of development children are able to excel in short meditation, longer yoga classes.

Lower School Themes 


Early Birds Term - Journeys 

Lower School – Where have you come from? 

Term 1 – Our Planet (3 Weeks) 

Lower School – Water cycle, Patterns in Nature, Recycling 

Term 1– Where the wild things are. (3 weeks) 

Lower School - Life cycles - Animal Classification - Habitats 


Term 2 – Space (3 Weeks) 

Lower School – Planets, Space ships, Gravity. 

Term 2 – Once upon a time (3 Weeks) 

Lower School – Myths and Legends - Magic Powers - Stories of Heroes 


Term 3 – Being Alive (3 Weeks) 

Lower School – Emotions – Organs – Family 

Term 3 – Ancient Worlds (3 Weeks) 

Lower School – Ancient Africa, Egyptians, Tribes

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